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5 Questions to Help you Choose your Niseko Accommodation

Choose Niseko Accommodation

The idea of an airy ski chalet nestled in powdery Niseko pillows sounds like a winter fantasy come true. So does the thought of carving through waist deep snow, or enjoying a soak in the nutritious waters of a natural hot spring. The trick is deciding which of these dreams is highest on your list and finding the accommodation that can make them come true.

1. Space
Perhaps the first thing to consider is the size of your group, and what space will best suit your needs. If you’re travelling with your family a kitchen and living area is often a must, but for a group of friends who plan on hitting the town every night, a bed and bathroom may be all you need. If you start out with a clear idea of what you’re looking for, you’re less likely to be seduced by a pretty deal that might not be the best fit for your group.

The Freshwater Apartments Niseko

Large Family entertaining areas at The Freshwater

2. Location within Niseko
Is ski-in important to you, or would you rather be in the centre of the restaurant and dining action? Hotels such as The Vale Niseko offer the best of both worlds, with a prime location right next to The Ace Family Pair and within minutes walking distance to the centre of town.

The Vale Niseko

View of The Vale Niseko from the Family Ski Run

3. Access to the ski slopes and hotspots

Of course, if your accommodation offers a complimentary concierge service like Terrazze Niseko, Kozue or The Glasshouse, a location a little further down the village is no problem. There are also free local bus routes that navigate the quaint streets of the lower village, ensuring the ski hill and central restaurant strip is only a few minutes away. Check out your potential hotel’s location on the bus route to ensure it’s going to be an easy trip to the hotspots for you and your travelling buddies.

You should also check that your accommodation offers a pick up from the Hirafu Welcome Centre, which is the central drop off point for bus transportation in the Niseko area. Every season there’s a procession of the unprepared dragging their ski bags down the snowy street!

Moiwa Staff Ski Day 2016

4. Luxury Extras
Are you someone who craves those luxury touches in your holiday experience? Many Niseko hotels offer an onsite onsen, or volcanic hot spring. The piping hot waters of an onsen have a slew of benefits, and soothing ski-tight muscles is not the least of them.

Other inclusions of luxury hotels such as The Vale Niseko include an onsite concierge who has all the information about Niseko food and fun and are more than happy to navigate the Japanese booking systems for you even ahead of your stay.

Additional touches such as modern decor, Apple TV, divinely comfortable beds, luxury amenities and boot drying facilities are all on offer for those Niseko visitors who enjoy feeling pampered on their winter escape.

Powder heaven wouldn’t be complete with out luxury and relaxation


5. Ski Package Inclusions
In the likely even that you are coming to Niseko to ski or snowboard, an accommodation package that includes lift passes and/ or rental equipment can make life much easier. There are a vast array of quality rental providers in the village, and getting a package inclusion can take the hassle out of renting separately and make your holiday simpler to budget for overall.



Companies such as NISADE offer a comprehensive booking service as part of their accommodation package, whereby you can book restaurants, ski lessons, and any other little extras with a minimum of hassle and the advantage of paying once.

This month NISADE is offering an array of comprehensive packages to suit all your travel needs. Have a look at our specials page and choose how you will make your Niseko adventure the trip of a lifetime!

So what’s it going to be? Is it all about location, or more about ambience? Let us know what you’re looking for in a Niseko holiday!

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