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Chinese New Year in Niseko – What it’s about and what to expect

2018 Chinese New Year at The Vale Niseko

Are you a dragon, a rat or a golden monkey? Most people know what animal symbolises the Chinese Year they were born in, but many don’t realise how vast and vibrant the festival of the new lunar year can be.

Chinese New Year in Niseko is a special time of year, and we’re honoured that so many people join us to celebrate this vibrant and joyous event.

Chinese New Year 2018

The official date of Chinese New Year in 2018 is Friday 16th February, but the celebrations to welcome in the Year of the Dog won’t officially wrap up until March 2nd.

Chinese New Year 2018 Dog The Vale Niseko

Chinese New Year Traditions

There are countless ancient customs to observe during the event, but the enduring traditions have a focus on family and feasting. The quintessential Chinese New Year family feast is large, notoriously indulgent and includes auspicious foods such as dumplings, sweet rice balls, fish and longevity noodles.

Other traditions include a week of spring cleaning prior to the eve of Chinese New Year, gifting children with money enclosed in lucky red envelopes, and enjoying fireworks at midnight. You’ll also notice a profusion of cheerful red decorations, which are said to promote luck and prosperity for the year ahead.

Chinese New Year at The Vale Niseko

Chinese New Year in Niseko

It’s one of the busiest times of the year in Niseko and restaurants are often booked out months in advance by families and groups who are eager to feast in true Chinese New Year spirit. Reservations are highly advisable and available through your NISADE Guest Services Agent.

A great tip for those looking to avoid the crowds on the ski slopes is to head to the chairlifts at dusk for a peaceful night ski. With so many visitors feasting and toasting the night away, you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy a quiet night on the mountain.

Chinese New Year at The Vale Niseko

Chinese New Year at The Vale Niseko

Here at NISADE we love an excuse to celebrate! Every year we throw a Chinese New Year extravaganza, and plans for this year’s party are in full swing.

Our complimentary program will include traditional kid’s activities hosted by local high school students, a special tea ceremony, a ‘Kagura dance’ performed by Kutchan Performance Group and a heart-thumping show by the local taiko drummers.

We make sure there are plenty of treats for the kids and something for the adults too! Those staying in The Vale Niseko can look forward to a special gift being delivered to their door.

Have a fantastic Chinese New Year, and if you happen to be in Niseko please join us at The Vale for an evening of laughter and entertainment!


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