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Communication and Support


If there is one thing we love to do, it is talk. You will never want for information at NISADE, and there is always someone to ask! From the moment you enquire, till the sad day when we send you off to the airport to begin your journey home, we make sure you know everything you need to get your visa, book your transport, choose your staff accommodation preferences, and even find out what fun events are happening around town.

Staff Newsletter

The monthly NISADE newsletter is circulated especially for staff, so that you have the low down on what’s happening in the NISADE and Niseko world. We try to throw in any interesting upcoming events, pertinent village gossip, and every candid staff photo we can get our hands on! Contributions are always welcome!

Pre-Arrival Information

From the moment you are offered a position, you will have the name of at least one contact that you can refer to with questions about your new Niseko adventure. We send out some juicy information packs, full of visa details, advice for booking transfers, and a full outline of what you are expected to bring vs what we will provide for you.

We make things easy for you

Since we employ scores of seasonal staff every year, we know the ins and the outs and can make sure you arrive and settle in Niseko with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of comfort.