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Choose Your Own Adventure With NISADE – Day Tours Now Available

Introducing NISADE One Day Tours

Are you keen to experience as much as possible on your Niseko trip? The Japow is just the beginning.

We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new range of NISADE Day Tours, which were carefully formulated from a range of client feedback and local wisdom. Whether you’re seeking city sights, Japanese culture or natural delights, we have an itinerary to fill your day with wonder.

Sapporo Tour

Set off to discover Hokkaido’s capital on this guided eight-hour tour.

Your first stop is a famous viewpoint at Nakayama Pass, a perfect photo opportunity for stunning views of Mt Yotei. Hopefully you’re feeling peckish, because your guide will lead you to an ageimo vendor – a local favourite of deep fried potatoes on a skewer.

Upon arrival in Sapporo, you’ll head straight to the fish market, which is bustling with fascinating activity and famously fresh seafood. Sample these delicacies over lunch at a local restaurant before heading on to Hokkaido Shrine. Built in 1869, this striking building is said to be a “power spot” for love and money.

Next up is Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, site of the first Winter Olympics in Japan in 1972. Enjoy stunning views of the city from the deck before beginning your trip back to Niseko.

Depending on your itinerary, the Ishiya Chocolate Factory may be your last stop; a great place to stock up on Hokkaido’s famous, delicious cookies and chocolates before heading home.

Itinerary: Niseko > Nakayama Pass > Sapporo Fish Market > Hokkaido Shrine > Okurayama/ Ishiya Chocolate Factory > Niseko

Duration: 8 hours

Price: ¥60,000 for 2 – 8 people (lunch at own cost)


Otaru Tour

Take a day off to explore the charming port town of Otaru, just two hours’ drive from Hirafu.

If you’re partial to whiskey, you’ll love the first stop on this full–day guided tour. Experienced distiller Masataka Taketsuru established Nikka Whiskey in Yoichi in 1934. Taketsuru san knew that the conditions were prime for creating whiskey in the way of Scottish towns, and you can taste the proof for yourself on an interactive tour.

The next stop is Otaru, where cobbled lanes and alluring boutiques await you – but lunch comes first! Seafood restaurants abound along Otaru’s main streets, and the local sashimi is known for its melt-in-your-mouth texture.

After lunch it’s time to shop till you drop. Don’t miss the Music Box Museum, the famous Glass Blowing workshop, the chopstick emporium or the many wooden craft shops that line the streets of this quaint town.

Take a stroll along the gorgeous Otaru Canal before heading back to Niseko.

Itinerary: Niseko > Yoichi Nikka Whiskey Distillery > Otaru restaurant district > Otaru shopping district > Otaru Canal > Niseko

Duration: 8 hours

Price: ¥60,000 for 2 – 8 people (lunch at own cost)

Otaru One Day Tours - NISADE

Lake Toya Tour

Enjoy incredible scenery and natural wonders on a tour of the Lake Toya region.

Your first stop is an active volcano. Mt Usu erupts approximately every 30 years, and the visitor centre reveals the groundbreaking methods that local scientists created to ensure the population stays safe from Usu’s fury.

You’re off to Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch next, to visit with some of Hokkaido’s famous northern bears, before heading to Lake Toya for lunch with a view. You’ll head down to the shores of this heavenly lake to take advantage of the endless photo opportunities afforded by its mysterious inner islands and perfect, glass-like surface.

Your afternoon is topped off by a visit to Lake Hill Farm for some artisan ice cream. The menu changes according to the season, but you’ll be sure to find a flavour to savour as you gaze out on views of Yotei from the picturesque garden.

Itinerary: Niseko > Mt Usu > Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch > Lake Toya > Lake Hill Farm > Niseko

Duration: 8 hours

Price: ¥60,000 for 2 – 8 people (lunch at own cost)

Lake Toya

Japanese Culture Tour

Dive deep into Japanese culture with a choice of traditional activities.

After setting off from Niseko and making a stop at Nakayama Pass for a breathtaking photo opportunity, you’ll arrive at beautiful, tranquil Gokoku Shrine at Asahikawa.

Here you’ll be carefully enfolded in a traditional kimono – a robe of richly decorated fabric that is fastened by a wide obi belt and completed with a pair of wooden geta thongs.

Choose from the ancient ritual of a tea ceremony or the poetic art of flower arranging – both will yield many wonderful photo opportunities as you observe time-honoured traditions in authentic Japanese attire.

Both activities celebrate being fully present and investing every thought into your actions and movements. These cultural experiences are deeply meditative, and you’ll enjoy a sense of inner peace as you make your way back towards Niseko.

Itinerary: Niseko > Nakayama Pass > Gokoku Shrine > Kimono dressing > Kimono photo shoot > Kimono cultural experience > Niseko

Duration: 8 hours

Group size: 3 – 8 people

Price: From ¥40,000

Kimono ¥40,000 per person

Kimono and Tea Ceremony ¥45,000 per person

Kimono and Flower Arrangement ¥50,000 per person

Transfer and lunch ¥60,000


Ebetsu Drift Experience

Unleash your inner rally car driver with a spin across the snow on the Ebestu Drift Experience.

Get amped en route from Niseko to Ebetsu, because you’re about to experience a drifting experience like no other. Buckle up for a thrilling ride in a four-wheel drive care with winter tires on the front and summer tires on the back, a prime arrangement for drifting.

You’ll enjoy a 20-minute practice and a one-lap time trial in a carefully monitored environment, followed by a delicious crab hot-pot lunch.

After the adrenaline of the winter racetrack, you can sit back and enjoy a comfortable transfer back to Niseko.

Itinerary: Niseko > Ebetsu Drift Course > 20 minute practice > One-lap time trial > Lunch> Kimono cultural experience > Niseko

Duration: 8 hours

Group size: 3 – 8 people

Price: ¥13,000 per person


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