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Lift Upgrade Announcement for Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort

Lift Upgrades for Niseko Annupuri


Early this morning, Niseko Annupuri International Resort announced an expansion to their beginner’s ski area with the new quad lift, ‘Dream #1 Quad Lift’, operating atop Junior run to the bottom of Annupuri Gondola. With the new addition, Niseko Annupuri will operate one gondola and five lifts across their renowned wide and open skiable terrain.

The expansion provides perfect conditions for beginner skiers and snowboarders as the new lift will operate at a slower speed compared to its sister quad; Jumbo Quad Lift #1. The slower speed allows guests to safely hop on and off and with the gentle slope down, beginners have more room and flexibility to master the art.

This upgrade also improves access to the Annupuri Rest House, Nook Annupuri and Niseko Northern Resort An’nupuri as they’ll now have ski in ski out access.

Scheduled completion date is the beginning of winter 2017. With other recent upgrades in Niseko Village and Grand Hirafu, the Niseko community is excited to see what’s next for Niseko.

Annupuri Lift Upgrades 2017


Specifications for Dream #1 Quad Lift
1. The lift will operate on a single wire, fixed circulation cableway
2. Slope length 433.14 m
3. Operating speed 1.6 m / s
4. Maximum capacity of 4 people per chair
5. Predicted hourly traffic volume of 1,200p

Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort Lift Upgrades

Niseko offers unrivalled powder terrain across four world-renowned resorts. With NISADE’s Guest Service Specials still available, now is the perfect time to book your next winter getaway in bustling Niskeo.


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