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New Year’s Eve at The Vale Niseko

New Year's Eve at The Vale Niseko 2017

Although Christmas has come to an end, it doesn’t mean the festivities have to stop! New Year’s Eve in Japan has always come with traditional meaning, and is rich with cultural and religious rituals that symbolize an invitation for harmony and good fortune for the year ahead. As always, the team at NISADE have prepared some spectacular traditional Japanese festivities for you all to enjoy as we bring in the New Year.

Kids will be creatively occupied from 2pm onwards with a colouring competition while the team at The Vale Niseko hand out candy and sweets to keep bellies happy while hands are busy.

Mochi tsuki, or mochi making, is a beloved Japanese New Year tradition. Sticky steamed rice is pounded and then portioned into small round cakes, and combined with a variety of tasty condiments. This uniquely delicious Japanese tradition is quickly becoming a popular and much sought after experience by visitors to Niseko.

Another ritual that is said to invite harmony, prosperity and good fortune for the New Year is the cracking of a fresh sake barrel. This wooden lid is cracked ceremoniously with a hammer, allowing everyone to enjoy the fermented rice wine inside.
To top off the celebrations we have the spectacular Yotei-daiko team gracing us with their inspiring taiko drum performance. Sip on sake as the sun sets, and enjoy the thrilling moves and heart stopping cries of the performers. Don’t forget to hang around for the end of the performance, when the crowd is invited to enjoy a little play on the drums themselves – the kids will love it.

After the festivities are over, why not head to the Vale Bar & Grill to sample their delightful New Year’s Eve Menu?

New Year's Eve at Te Vale Bar & Grill 2017

This set menu offers a mouthwatering array of choices for all six courses. Guests will also be treated to a complimentary cocktail on arrival. There’s a kid’s menu available to ensure your New Year’s Eve dinner is a delightful event for the whole family!

We look forward to seeing you at The Vale Niseko on the last day of the year!

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