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Niseko Chalet that wowed Russia is up for World Ski Awards Honour

Kozue Heading World Ski Awards NISADE


The World Ski Awards have swung around once again, and NISADE’s year-round condominium hotel, Kozue Niseko, has been chosen to compete for the title of Japan’s Best Ski Chalet.

This will mark NISADE’s fourth year at The World Ski Awards, having won ‘World’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel’ for The Vale Niseko two years in a row. With nominations across three categories, NISADE is quickly becoming a property development leader in Japan’s ski and tourism industry.


Kozue Niseko is no stranger when it comes to the international spotlight, recently recognized for excellence in mountain development at the Russian Homes Overseas Awards. Kozue was awarded for an ingenious design that immerses guests in the beauty of Niseko nature. This unique beauty and divine architecture places Kozue among the most elite of her peers in this prestigious category of ‘Japan’s Best’.

Kozue boasts stunning views of rolling hills through the treetops, along with meticulous attention to material design such as natural wood flooring and wood window systems, which provide a sense of warmth and comfort within a robust and secure concrete structure.

Niseko is quickly becoming the skiing destination of choice for many powder hungry visitors, and we would love your vote to help us obtain international acclaim once more for Kozue Niseko.

Please vote for Kozue Niseko on the World Ski Awards 2016. We appreciate your support and look forward to bringing this beautiful property to the world.

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