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Red Bull and NITRO Snowboards have their sights set on Niseko! 

NISADE and Always Niseko are beyond excited to announce NITRO Snowboarders Markus Keller and Nils Arvidsson will be joining us in Niseko to film the next Red Bull movie. For two weeks they’ll be hiking and hitting the Niseko backcountry in search for the elusive Japow.


Markus Keller in the Niseko backcountry (2013)

This will mark NISADE’s second year hosting Swiss Snowboarding Pro Markus Keller, as he filmed part of his journey in Niseko for the movie Chamäleon in February 2013. His behind the scenes ‘Making of the Chamäleon – Episode Three’ featured NISADE’s restaurant the Vale Bar & Grill and highlights Keller emphasising the importance of a “solid start to the day”.

The 35-year-old, half-pipe and freestyle rider has been competing professionally for well over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Dubbed ‘The Pipe Master’ his career reads like a who’s who in the art of big air, progressional snowboarding. From Austria’s Halfpipe FIS World Snowboard Champion (2003), Swiss Slopestyle Crans Montana Champs Open winner (2007), Spain’s FIS Halfpipe World Cup Champian (2009) and most recently placing in the top ten at the Burton European Open for Halfpipe (2014) it’s easy to see why Niseko is eagerly awaiting the return of this talented athlete.


In Onboard Magazine Issue 133 featuring Nils Arvidsson

27-year-old NITRO Snowboarder, Nils Arvidsson, grew up in a small town north of Stockholm in Sweden, and found a love for the board at a young age. Competing since 1995, this fresh-faced rider has caused many a stir in freestyle snowboarding and was the talk of the town after his black and white cover feature for Onboard Magazine Issue 133. The cover shows Arvidsson taking a giant leap in the St. Anton backcountry while shooting with the Standard Crew for the film ‘2112’. Arvidsson continues turning heads around the world with his interactive modern style, and we can’t wait to see what this young rider will produce in the Niseko mountains.


Over the last 25 years, NITRO Snowboards has made “groundbreaking developments” as they continue to push the boundaries with a team of world-class athletes. Most recently their adventures were captured in the inaugural movie ‘BOOM’. The 38-minute film features Keller and Arvidsson as they prove why the NITRO team are big contenders within the freestyle scene. With their no-rules, don’t hold back attitude, it’s easy to see why these guys are an inspiration for many riders searching for the next extreme. 

Nitro Movie Boom

“It’s a word I’ve used for years to describe the excitement I have when I see my friends or anyone land a sick arse trick. I mean BOOM, it’s just a word that describes a feeling of how excited we are to go snowboarding. That’s what Nitro Snowboards has been all about since day one; just supporting Snowboarders. It doesn’t matter what you ride down, who you ride with, what kind of snowboarder you are, it’s the best – Boom!”

Joining Keller and Arvidsson will be Photographer Gian Paul Lozza and Director, Editor & Film Maker Pirmin Juffinger. Both have a history working alongside the NITRO and Red Bull team so we’re sure no feature will go uncaptured with these two hot on their heels.

NISADE‘s excitement levels are off the charts as we await the arrival of this talented team. We have some exciting events and giveaways planned during their stay so follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates on Arvidsson & Keller’s adventure in powdery Niseko!


We have high hopes for two of the world’s best riders from the north!

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