9 pictures that will have you craving Niseko in summer

Posted on: June 20, 2018

Niseko summers are filled with long days of indulgent sunshine and delicious warmth. The scenery will make you feel glad to be alive at every step, and there’s an incredible activity to fill every hour of the day.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out these pictures of Niseko and prepare to pack for your summer escape to the mountains.

Fields of gold
Stretching higher than your head with blooms bigger than your face, sunflowers are a common sight in the luscious farmland that comprises the Niseko region. You can’t help but grin at their cheerful yellow faces, so take the opportunity to snap a selfie with Mt Yotei in the background.


Summer festivals
Japanese festivals combine all that is good about summer in one glorious celebration. Fluttering streamers, delicious food stalls and breathtaking parades carry you through to dusk, when fireworks dazzle the skies.


Farm to mouth
Is there anything that screams “summer” more than plucking and eating fruit straight from the tree? Thanks to Niseko’s bountiful farmlands, guests can enjoy a fruit-picking excursion and eat farm fresh produce to their heart’s content.


Mountain biking thrills
The mountain offers thrills in summer as well as winter! Grand Hirafu’s mountain biking course opens in conjunction with the summer gondola, offering challenging or scenic trails with an impressive total 475-metre altitude drop.


Nature’s marketplace
The glory of Niseko’s fertile farmland manifests in irresistible summer markets. Browse the juicy fruit and vegetable stores or pick up some fresh soba noodles, made on site from the region’s abundant white-flowered crops of buckwheat.


Golf with a view
Niseko is a golfer’s dream. Balmy weather, crisp mountain air and verdant courses set the scene for the perfect 18 holes. Even if you’re not a keen golfer, a day on the course is worth the million-dollar views of Yotei over the sweeping greens.


Adrenaline-pumping adventures
Riding the current of the rapids, careening down waterfalls and splash landing in crystal clear mountain pools… thrill seekers won’t be disappointed with their canyoning experience in Niseko.


Sea change
When you’re tucked away in the mountains it’s easy to forget how close you are to the ocean. Explore the heavenly blue of the Sea of the Japan on a sea kayak adventure that will have you feeling at one with nature.


Niseko’s summer beauty inspires a wealth of yoga classes and retreats, but peace and tranquility can be found anywhere in the sweet summer streets. Whether you’re seeking an action packed escape or a retreat to nature, summertime Niseko is the destination for you.


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