Summer in Niseko - 6 reasons why you will love it!

Posted on: Feb. 23, 2018

Summer may well be Niseko’s best-kept secret.

Despite its famous winters and record-breaking snowfall, the unique geography of Niseko gifts the region with warm and luscious summers, unlike ski resorts at a higher altitude.

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While Niseko’s popularity as a summer destination is growing steadily, during the warmer months the town is blissfully quiet and a sense of local welcome exudes from the sun-drenched streets.

Don’t let the relative quiet fool you – there’s plenty of fun to enjoy in the Niseko summer sunshine. Here are six of many reasons why you’ll love the hot season in the world’s favourite pow town.


Summer Festivals

Nothing can beat a Japanese summer festival. Enticing food stalls enchant your nose with their irresistible aromas, while traditional parades and games invite you to get involved with local culture. A day of food, laughter and sunshine is always crowned by a fireworks display, which illuminates the dusky summer sky.

Lake Toya

Take the scenic drive to Lake Toya and you’ll be rewarded with breath-taking scenery and a wonderful choice of activities. Enjoy wakeboarding and waterskiing on the glassy waters of Lake Toya, an excursion up the ropeway to visit the Mt Usu volcano or a ferry ride to picturesque O-Shima Island to wander through the mystical forest.Lake Toya


Berry Picking

For a unique and wholesome day trip, book a berry picking tour to a nearby orchard and spend a day deep in the verdant greenery of Hokkaido’s summer fields. Depending on the month, you could be filling your basket (and belly) with farm fresh blueberries, strawberries, plums or peaches.


Summer Sports

Hokkaido’s balmy summers and fabulous geography lure many world-class cyclists, golfers and athletes to its shores. Every year the region is proud to host cycling events such as the Hanazono Hill Climb, the Tour de Hokkaido and the Ironman Triathlon, which incorporates the crystal waters of Lake Toya.

Golfers are spoiled for choice by the stunning, emerald green golf courses – the site for the annual Niseko Open, which attracts professional golfers from near and far.

Once again, you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the prime conditions of Niseko summer – jump on your bike, tee up your golf ball and jump right in.


Shakotan Peninsula

The few hours’ drive to Shakotan Peninsula is immediately validated when you catch a glimpse of the turquoise water and jewel-like greenery of the cape. Take the winding boardwalk to the end of the pier and gaze out at Kamui Rock – but be sure to read up on the legend of Charenka’s curse to enjoy the full effect.

Shakotan is famous for uni, or sea urchin, a much-coveted Japanese delicacy. Be sure to tuck into an uni lunch before heading back to the mountains.

If we’ve managed to temp you with these enticing photos, get in contact with our Reservations Team today and allow us to book your Summer adventure in Niseko.

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